Build InDev 31 Unstable 1 Released

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InDev 31 Unstable 1 has arrived, this is the first release of the InDev 31 series, covering the brand new migration system, and tossing in a ton of technical changes to the game's various display modes. Check out the change log for details!

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InDev 31 Unstable 1 Change Log

Migration System

  • You can now send villagers from one village to another connecting village or new region via the new migration tab on the left panel.
  • You now will only get "freebie" villagers and resources on your first region. After, you must send migrants to connecting regions to establish them.
  • When starting a new connected regions you will get up to 15 migrants as soon as you place your camp. After, you will get anywhere between 5 and 10 a day until all incoming migrants have been completely exhausted. During this time you can still receive nomads as usual.
  • New Building; The Migration Way Station. It enables access to the new migration tab so you can send villagers to nearby regions as well as increases your maximum amount you may send per day.
  • When sending migrants to new regions, the villagers will become migrants in the morning, and actually leave at midday.
  • The village will only send healthy, young and single adult villagers out of the village.
  • The world map now allows you to start anywhere you want for your first region, but blocks expanding into other regions unless you send migrants there first.
  • When visiting a new expanding region you get up to 15 migrants as soon as the camp is placed.

Display Modes

  • The game can now be played in borderless full screen. Although on Mac and Linux, some versions may still display your task bars.
  • When using traditional full screen (the old style), you can now change the game resolution.

Interface Changes

  • Reworked a large amount of the world map GUI to support the new data in migration system.
  • The mouse is now a hardware cursor.
  • Hid the mouse and overlays when you use the hide GUI button.
  • You can now move the map and zoom on the main menu.
  • Removed the splash screen from the game entirely.
  • Re-added the save-only, data views and hide topography buttons to map editor.
  • Added the required building's name to enable a tab to the disabled tabs on the left panel.
  • Fixed render ordering of the map buttons so they are not under the buildings on the world map.
  • Reworked the "You Lose/Abandon Region" GUI.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • When your population hits zero, you now "lose" the map and are ejected to the world map.
  • Nomads and provisioners now arrive and leave on the edges of the map rather than random locations.
  • Nomads and provisioners can no longer arrive in locations that can not reach the village, unless the village is completely blocked off.
  • Nomads are now slightly more willing to pathfind to the village once they spawn.
  • Removed Limbo from the game entirely, as it has been replaced by the migration system.
  • Main theme on the main menu no longer loops.
  • The game will no longer save until the region has actually been "started" by placing down your camp.
  • Time is now frozen until you place your camp.
  • Added new world map tips for the migration system.
  • When starting a new game, the game now picks a random location in the center of the map as the default map position.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash if lake water levels dropped while a road was under the water.
  • Max upgraded and filled crystal harvestry light map fixed.
  • Fixed some minor font rendering issues on the world map.


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Jun 20, 2018

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