Build InDev 31 Unstable 6 Released

This is (hopefully) the final Unstable release for InDev 31, and best of all, it does not break your Unstable 5 saves! InDev 31 Stable is due out on September 16th. Unstable 6 is bringing in a ton of balance changes, bug fixes, and fleshes out the goals and perks system a bit. Many of the balance changes are thanks to your guy's feedback!

Your feedback is vital! I need feedback on all of the new systems introduced in InDev 31 as a whole. There's a lot of new mechanics in play here, and it will no doubt be completely out of whack in some areas and need some adjustments. Post down in the comments or on the forums with your experience. Did you gain chests too fast? God experience too fast? Goals are too hard, too easy? Not enough or too many perk rewards? Let me know so InDev 31 Stable can be as balanced as possible. 

I hope you guys are all enjoying the new systems brought into InDev 31. I think it's a huge step forward to finally leaving Early Access!

Bonus: I may continue to add more goals and perks before InDev 31 is released, so feel free to give some suggestions for both down in the comments!

InDev 31 Unstable 6 Change Log

Chests, Goals and Perks System

  • The amount of perks and goals has been roughly doubled since Unstable 5.
  • Changed "win" requirements to a full year per region.
  • God XP is now gained when a courier leaves the region.
  • Nearby connected regions can now be pulled for the goals system goals.
  • Stockpile goal greatly reduced when selecting manufactured resources, and slightly reduced when selecting harvestable materials.
  • Tons of small balance changes to the existing goals were made.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added a completely new tool tip system, nearly all buttons in the game now have descriptive tool tips explaining what that button does.
  • Map tile tool tips no longer can pop up behind the GUI.
  • The new hardware mouse can now scale to 2x and 3x based on the set interface scale.
  • God XP is now gained by throwing resources and mobs into the cullis gate.
  • The catjeet laborer hire menu is now displayed even if no laborers are available.
  • When the catjeet are out of resources to sell, the sell values now turn red rather than say "Empty".
  • Changed motivate land spell description.

Balance Changes

  • Increased maximum initial migrant spawns from 15 to 25.
  • Increased maximum migrants per day from 5-10 to 10-20.
  • Buffed the conjure essence spell a bit.
  • Boosted how much intelligence affects work speeds.
  • Villagers now gain a small XP bonus when awarded XP, based on their intelligence level.
  • Made monsters slightly less likely to attack walls and topography to offset the new AI spreading behavior.
  • Static tower energy cost has been increased.
  • Reduced the amount of couriers that can arrive at once, to prevent resources from being dropped off and decaying before they are used.
  • Doubled doggo spawn rates in all game modes.
  • Courier golems now only bring wood and rock on day 1, if available.
  • Slightly buffed wood and crystal golems.
  • Flipped the damage modifier lean of ranged damage to make DEX more important than STR.
  • Slightly nerfed motivate land spell, increasing cost and reducing effectiveness.
  • Farms now grow food roughly 12.5% faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wording of the grab resources goal.
  • Fixed a bug where adult catjeet were not counted in the villager totals on the population list panel.
  • Fixed corruption power math. Some cases villages were being locks at abnormally high level corruption power.
  • Fixed the headless-only spawns when you reload a save.
  • Fixed "Spell Cost" perk display from displaying that it increases, rather than decreases, spell cost.
  • Drop spell no longer shows up on the "Cast Spells" goal.
  • Housing no longer provides house slots before it is constructed, if you have the efficient housing perk.
  • Fixed a bug where the grab resources goal wasn't being counted in most situations.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when a villager is seeking medical attention and the posted medic's building is destroyed before the medic unassigns itself from their posting job.
  • When a labor golem carries a resource, it is now counted in the village totals.
  • You can no longer use zoom while the game is paused.
  • Fixed golems showing up with gendered name colors in the population list.
  • Loot Boxes can no longer be moved while they are opening.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a villager would crash the game if he was trying to coitus but couldn't reach his home.
  • You can no longer attempt to start a new game in skirmish without a map selected.
  • Implemented possible fix for the incorrect GUI positioning on initial load.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by a courier golem's building being destroyed while they are en route to park.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use recall on resources and the castle has been destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ranged damage perk to not work if you don't have the melee damage perk.


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