InDev 31 - The World Update - Released!

It's here! The culmination of nearly 4 solid months of hitting the grind stone, introducing the largest patch in the history of Rise to Ruins; InDev 31! This patch is a major step forward to reaching Rise to Ruins "Release 1", and leaving Early Access!

This patch introduces so much new content I'm not even sure where to start. But, for a short list, we've got; Goals, Perks, Chests, God Experience, Migration, Couriers, new tool tips, more music, borderless full screen, resolution settings, a hardware cursor, a metric crap ton of bug fixes, balance changes, huge improvements to all of the worker's AI and so much more I probably forgot to mention in this huge run on sentence. So, check out the change log!

InDev 31 is a huge balance changer, so let me know in the comments or on the forums what you think, and give me your suggestions where you think balance could use a little tweak. If necessary, I'll see what I can do in InDev 31b to further improve the balance of all the new mechanics.

Rise to Ruins' light at the end of the tunnel is finally showing. I hope that the game will leave Early Access in the first quarter of 2019. But that does not mean development will stop. As long as all of you awesome players are still around playing my game, I will still be adding content to it. But, I think we're reaching a point the game can be called "release ready". A very proud moment for me, as Rise to Ruins will be my first game shipped, and I've loved the crazy ride.

If you're interested in following development much more closely, don't forget to follow me on Twitter or join the awesome community on Discord! By player demand, I have also recently setup a Patreon to support SixtyGig Games' "Buy once own everything forever" no paid DLC philosophy, if you'd like to check it out.

InDev 31 Change Log

Chests, Goals, God Experience and Perk System

  • You now gain a reward chest for every 5 days of gameplay on any region.
  • Chests have random perks in them, like "Farelle's Constitution" offers a global 5% max hit points bonus to all your villagers, on all regions.
  • Chests are opened with "God Experience". This experience is gained through normal gameplay. The better your village is doing, the more experience you'll gain.
  • There are 5 levels of chests, each level cost +80% more experience to open than the previous level, but has more perks.
  • You can only have 8 chests unopened total, once you fill your chest bar you must open a chest to gain more.
  • All perks, chests and experience gained is persistent through resetting your world with the Doom World panel. Meaning you get to keep all your perks even if you reset your progress! If you want to reset your perks progress, you must delete your entire profile.
  • You now have 10 goals slot, that will unlock slowly as you play.
  • Unlocking a goal will reward god experience, and completing unlocked goals will award perks, god experience and can reduce global corruption levels.
  • Goals you do not wish to complete can be reset, and the unlock counter for a new goal will start.
  • You can beat the game now. Assuming you figure out how to survive at least 1 year, on every single region in the entire game without losing any of them. > :)

Corruption System

  • Corruption has been completely rewritten. Corruption spawn and spread rates are now based on the global world day, not the individual region's day.
  • A new corruption threat bar has been added to the world map view, the higher the bar fills, the more dangerous the entire world is.
  • A local corruption threat bar has been added to the region select screen on the world map, giving you a general idea how strong the corruption is on that specific region.
  • Completing some goals and migrating to new regions reduces the corruption world wide.
  • Baseline spawn rates have been slightly increased, to help offset the corruption reduction when migrating and completing goals.
  • Monster spawn levels and types are now based on the world day.

Migration System

  • You can now send villagers from one village to another connecting village or new region via the new migration tab on the left panel.
  • You now will only get "freebie" villagers and resources on your first region. After, you must send migrants to connecting regions to establish them.
  • When starting a new connected regions you will get up to 25 migrants as soon as you place your camp. After, you will get anywhere between 10 and 15 a day until all incoming migrants have been completely exhausted. During this time you can still receive nomads as usual.
  • New Building; The Migration Way Station. It enables access to the new migration tab so you can send villagers to nearby regions as well as increases your maximum amount you may send per day.
  • When sending migrants to new regions, the villagers will become migrants in the morning, and actually leave at midday.
  • The village will only send healthy, young and single adult villagers out of the village.
  • The world map now allows you to start anywhere you want for your first region, but blocks expanding into other regions unless you send migrants there first.

Courier System

  • New Building: Courier Station. This new building will spawn courier golems that can be used to deliver resources to nearby regions. Upgrading the building will increase how many parking spots the station has, how many golems it can spawn, as well as reduce spawning costs.
  • New Job: Courier supplier. These new workers will bring resources to the spawned courier golems that are parked in the courier stations, to eventually be delivered to nearby regions.
  • You can send an unlimited amount of resources every day assuming you have enough golems, and the resource is set on the new courier panel on the left hand side of the screen. Setting the "Daily" value will cause the golems to try to send as many resources as you selected out every day, where as the "Send" value will try to send that many resources in addition to what you have daily sent at that day.
  • Courier suppliers will supply parked golems in the courier stations with resources to deliver all day long, but courier golems can only leave the village during the midday.
  • When a courier golem arrives at the connected region, they will drop off their resources and try to park at that region's courier station. If a courier station does not exist or there is no parking available, they will destroy themselves.
  • Both organizers and labor golems can also supply courier golems.

AI Improvements

  • Way Makers can now carry multiple resources at once to roads.
  • Workers will no longer steal resources assigned to road construction.
  • The Way Makers, Provisioners, Farmers, and the behavior for equipping resources in general now are much better at finding the nearest resource to work with.
  • Farmers now plant resources in the closest available open farm tile.
  • Villagers no longer steal food from other starving villagers.
  • Tweaked and cleaned up the storage AI a bit.
  • Cleaned up several AI branches, removing some unneeded fail states.
  • Added experimental path finding movement costs that attempts to reduce how often monsters and villagers walk in a "single file line", trying to make them spread out more naturally.
  • Villagers will now ignore "threatened" resources in dangerous areas. (Like mob drops at your front lines, during the night)
  • Improved stuck pathfinding to avoid getting trapped as often.
  • Villagers no longer work to the point of bursting into flames when doing refining jobs.
  • Decreased the chance guards will flee.
  • Completely rewrote panic and flee mechanics to pick more intelligent coordinates. (AKA: They run to the village now)
  • Completely rewrote builder construction AI to be much more intelligent where it decides to pick up resources to deliver, as well as when to harvest.
  • Farmers can now plant new seeds during the extreme heat in the summer.
  • Minor improvements to several AI branches, making them fast-fail if their destination buildings are destroyed.
  • Cleaned up some of the coordinates selection code in the AI.

Save Rollback

  • Completely rewrote how save data is handled, allowing for rolled back up to 8 saves.
  • This system is not used to correct game play mistakes, this is used to fix corrupted save files! Rolling back a perfectly working save is not advised and can cause other problems. The intent of this system is an emergency quick fix if your save data is completely ruined.
  • To access the save rollback menu, hold left shift while viewing your region on the world map, or in the skirmish load menu.

Display Modes

  • The game can now be played in borderless full screen. Although on Mac and Linux, some versions may still display your task bars.
  • When using traditional full screen (the old style), you can now change the game resolution.

Interface Changes

  • The mouse is now a hardware cursor.
  • Added a completely new tool tip system, nearly all buttons in the game now have descriptive tool tips explaining what that button does.
  • Map tile tool tips no longer can pop up behind the GUI.
  • The catjeet laborer hire menu is now displayed even if no laborers are available.
  • Reworked a large amount of the world map GUI to support the new data in migration system.
  • Hid the mouse and overlays when you use the hide GUI button.
  • You can now move the map and zoom on the main menu.
  • Removed the splash screen from the game entirely.
  • Re-added the save-only, data views and hide topography buttons to map editor.
  • Added the required building's name to enable a tab to the disabled tabs on the left panel.
  • Fixed render ordering of the map buttons so they are not under the buildings on the world map.
  • Reworked the "You Lose/Abandon Region" GUI.
  • Updated program icon.
  • Added the unemployed villagers panel to the migration tab.
  • The grab button now properly shows the grave key ` itself, and no longer spells out "GRAVE".
  • When the catjeet are out of resources to sell, the sell values now turn red rather than say "Empty".
  • Changed motivate land spell description.
  • The workers supplied and build range provided is now side by side in the object panel GUI if both exist.
  • Aid building category has been renamed to Civics.
  • Way Maker Shack moved to the Civics panel.
  • Added more death messages.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • All new Patreons names added to the game.
  • When your population hits zero, you now "lose" the region and are ejected to the world map.
  • Nomads and provisioners now arrive and leave on the edges of the map rather than random locations.
  • Nomads and provisioners can no longer arrive in locations that can not reach the village, unless the village is completely blocked off.
  • Nomads are now slightly more willing to pathfind to the village once they spawn.
  • Removed Limbo from the game entirely, as it has been replaced by the migration system.
  • Main theme on the main menu no longer loops.
  • The game will no longer save until the region has actually been "started" by placing down your camp.
  • Time is now frozen until you place your camp.
  • Added new world map tips for the migration system.
  • When starting a new game, the game now picks a random location in the center of the map as the default map position.
  • Added better essence return coordinates data, making everything look more visually centered on the buildings as essence is being brought in.
  • Improved all of the out of bounds code for the game.
  • Added a new food type, melons, but it is currently not used on any official map.
  • Buffed guards defense and damage a bit.
  • Resources on the ground now sparkle if a mob is en route to pick it up.
  • Slightly remastered the SixtyGig sound, Goodbye Retro Sky, Lost Soul and Sunken Hope tracks.
  • Added new tracks; A Way to Freedom, Crops of Nowhere, Endless Drought and Wild Desert.
  • Improved the load time transitioning between game modes slightly.
  • Old Lootbox sparkle locations now slowly vanish over time if you don't uncover them.
  • Nomad spawn counts are now based on the world day rather than regional day, meaning in new villages you should be getting larger batches of nomads in earlier days.
  • Holy Golem's spawn level is now based on the world day, not regional day.
  • Tons of improvements to how system modules are loaded into the game.
  • Buffed the conjure essence spell a bit.
  • Boosted how much intelligence affects work speeds.
  • Villagers now gain a small XP bonus when awarded XP, based on their intelligence level.
  • Made monsters slightly less likely to attack walls and topography to offset the new AI spreading behavior.
  • Static tower energy cost has been increased.
  • Doubled doggo spawn rates in all game modes.
  • Slightly buffed wood and crystal golems.
  • Flipped the damage modifier lean of ranged damage to make DEX more important than STR.
  • Slightly nerfed motivate land spell, increasing cost and reducing effectiveness.
  • Farms now grow food roughly 12.5% faster.
  • Rewrote how death messages are loaded, putting them in an external text file.
  • Completely rebalanced the static tower. It now shoots slower and consumes more energy, but does much more damage per shot.
  • Upgraded golem combobulators now spawn much higher level golems on average, but their maximum level was reduced slightly.
  • Wood golem combobulators now can spawn an extra golem.
  • Stone golems take a little longer to spawn.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash if lake water levels dropped while a road was under the water.
  • Max upgraded and filled crystal harvestry light map fixed.
  • Fixed some minor font rendering issues on the world map.
  • Fixed some minor collision map issues on the golem combobulators.
  • Fixed some very minor size issues on the left panel GUI.
  • Corrected some page buttons on the GUI from double-rendering.
  • Fixed a few typos in the help system.
  • Fixed a typo on the kitchen description.
  • Doggos will no longer freeze the game if they try to deliver a resource to a building covered in corruption.
  • Fixed a typo in the attract tower description.
  • Monsters can no longer spawn on top of topography.
  • Fixed numbers in village efficiency panel from not rounding off correctly.
  • Fixed the "ghost building" bug that would sometimes cause the tilesets of destroyed buildings to not be removed from the game.
  • The organizer job description no longer flies off the GUI.
  • Fixed a bunch of incorrect plural resource names.
  • Fixed plural name for drones.
  • Fixed a bug where adult catjeet were not counted in the villager totals on the population list panel.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when a villager is seeking medical attention and the posted medic's building is destroyed before the medic unassigns itself from their posting job.
  • When a labor golem carries a resource, it is now counted in the village totals.
  • You can no longer use zoom while the game is paused.
  • Fixed golems showing up with gendered name colors in the population list.
  • Loot Boxes can no longer be moved while they are opening.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a villager would crash the game if he was trying to coitus but couldn't reach his home.
  • You can no longer attempt to start a new game in skirmish without a map selected.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use recall on resources and the castle has been destroyed.
  • Fixed a crash when right clicking on the world map before selecting a game mode, if no game mode has ever been selected in the past.
  • You can no longer click off the custom game mode configuration page when you have not actually accepted a configuration yet.
  • Fixed a rare crash when dismantling towers near an active attract tower.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed static towers to shoot targets on the opposite sides of curtain walls and topography.
  • Fixed recombobulator build requirements.


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