Build InDev 31 Unstable 4 Released

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Unstable 4 is here and as per usual, full of all kinds of goodies. This is the second-to-last content patch before finishing InDev 31, with Unstable 5 being the new goals system. Unstable 4 is introduces the new "Perks" system. Now, you will gain reward chests slowly as you play, that can be opened with god experience that is rewarded on how well you play. Inside, are perks to help out your village like "+5% maximum hit points" and other bonuses. These bonuses are global, and you keep them when you doom your world and start over!
In addition, there were also a ton of AI chances, bug fixes and a new revamped save system. So make sure to check out the change logs for all the juicy details.
The changelog may look a little light on words, but this is actually a huge patch, so be sure to provide feedback on the new perk system! There's a lot of new mechanics in play here, and it will no doubt be a little out of balance and need some adjusting. Post down in the comments your experience. Did you gain chests too fast? God experience too fast? Not enough perks, too many perks? Let me know!
InDev 31 Unstable 4 Change Log
Chests, God Experience and Perk System

  • You now gain a reward chest for every 5 days of gameplay on any region.
  • Chests have random perks in them, like "Farelle's Constitution" offers a global 5% max hit points bonus to all your villagers, on all regions.
  • Chests are opened with "God Experience". This experience is gained through normal gameplay. The better your village is doing, the more experience you'll gain.
  • There are 5 levels of chests, each level cost +80% more experience to open than the previous level, but has more perks.
  • You can only have 8 chests unopened total, once you fill your chest bar you must open a chest to gain more.
  • All perks, chests and experience gained is persistent through resetting your world with the Doom World panel. Meaning you get to keep all your perks even if you reset your progress!. If you want to reset your perks progress, you must delete your entire profile.

Save Rollback

  • Completely rewrote how save data is handled, allowing for rolled back up to 8 saves.
  • This system is not used to correct game play mistakes, this is used to fix corrupted save files! Rolling back a perfectly working save is not advised and can cause other problems. The intent of this system is an emergency quick fix if your save data is completely ruined.
  • To access the save rollback menu, hold left shift while viewing your region on the world map, or in the skirmish load menu.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added the unemployed villagers panel to the migration tab.
  • Added new song, Endless Drought.
  • Old Lootbox sparkle locations now slowly vanish over time if you don't uncover them.
  • The grab button now properly shows the grave key ` itself, and no longer spells out "GRAVE".
  • Minor improvements to several AI branches, making them fast-fail if their destination buildings are destroyed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the "ghost building" bug that would sometimes cause the tilesets of destroyed buildings to not be removed from the game.
  • Fixed a crash when a monster drops equipment on the main menu.
  • The organizer job description no longer flies off the GUI.
  • Fixed courier golem parked icon on the courier panel.
  • Fixed glitch where if you go into the settings menu and click "ok" while borderless full screen is already enabled, it'll disable it regardless of what settings are set.


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Aug 18, 2018

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