Build InDev 31 Unstable 3 Released

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Unstable 3 has arrived, and is chalk full of AI improvements galore! The focus of this patch was to refine a lot of the AI behavior trying to fix some of the annoying issues that creep up occasionally. I hope you guys enjoy it all!
The change log may be short, but the code behind all these AI changes are quite extensive, so be sure to report any issues you may have! :)
InDev 31 Unstable 3 Change Log
AI Improvements

  • Way Makers can now carry multiple resources at once to roads.
  • Workers will no longer steal resources assigned to road construction.
  • The Way Makers, Provisioners, Farmers, and the behavior for equipping resources in general now are much better at finding the nearest resource to work with, similar to the changes seen for builders in Unstable 2.
  • Farmers now plant resources in the closest available open farm tile.
  • Villagers no longer steal food from other starving villagers.
  • Tweaked and cleaned up the storage AI a bit.
  • Cleaned up several AI branches, removing some unneeded fail states.
  • Added experimental path finding movement costs that attempts to reduce how often monsters and villagers walk in a "single file line", trying to make them spread out more naturally.
  • Villagers will now ignore "threatened" resources in dangerous areas.
  • Improved stuck pathfinding to avoid getting trapped as often.
  • Villagers no longer work to the point of bursting into flames when doing refining jobs.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Buffed guards defense and damage a bit.
  • Cleaned up some of the coordinates selection code in the AI.
  • Resources on the ground now sparkle if a mob is en route to pick it up.
  • Slightly remastered the SixtyGig sound, Goodbye Retro Sky, Lost Soul and Sunken Hope tracks.
  • Added new tracks; A Way to Freedom, Crops of Nowhere and Wild Desert.
  • Updated program icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Doggos will no longer freeze the game if they try to deliver a resource to a building covered in corruption.
  • Fixed migration data not saving during an autosave.
  • Fixed courier station upgrade descriptions.
  • Fixed a typo in the attract tower description.
  • Fixed missing tile flags on melons.


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Jul 28, 2018

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