Build InDev 31 Unstable 5 Released

With this unstable release, InDev 31 is now feature-complete! Introducing Unstable 5, and the new goals system! InDev 31 Stable will likely be released September 16th. Over the next two weeks and some change, I will be fleshing out the new goals and perks systems, as well as balancing all the new systems introduced Unstable 1 through 5.

This means over the next two weeks your feedback is vital!. I need feedback on all of the new systems introduced in InDev 31 as a whole. There's a lot of new mechanics in play here, and it will no doubt be completely out of whack in some areas and need some adjustments. Post down in the comments or on the forums with your experience. Did you gain chests too fast? God experience too fast? Goals are too hard, too easy? Not enough or too many perk rewards? Let me know so InDev 31 Stable can be as balanced as possible. :)

Bonus: I will be adding more goals and perks before InDev 31 is released, so feel free to give some suggestions for both down in the comments!

InDev 31 Unstable 5 Change Log

Goals System

  • You now have 10 goals slot, that will unlock slowly as you play.
  • Unlocking a goal will reward god experience, and completing unlocked goals will award perks, god experience and reduce global corruption levels.
  • Goals you do not wish to complete can be reset, and the unlock counter for a new goal will start.
  • You can beat the game now. Assuming you figure out how to reach day 10, on every single region in the entire game without losing any of them. > :)

Corruption System

  • Corruption has been completely rewritten. Corruption spawn and spread rates are now based on the global world day, not the individual region's day.
  • A new corruption threat bar has been added to the world map view, the higher the bar fills, the more dangerous the entire world is.
  • A local corruption threat bar has been added to the region select screen on the world map, giving you a general idea how strong the corruption is on that specific region.
  • Completing goals and migrating to new regions reduces the corruption world wide.
  • Baseline spawn rates have been slightly increased, to help offset the corruption reduction when migrating and completing goals.
  • Monster spawn levels and types are now based on the world day.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Nomad spawn counts are now based on the world day rather than regional day, meaning in new villages you should be getting larger batches of nomads in earlier days.
  • Tons of improvements to the save system underlining code.
  • Tons of improvements to how system modules are loaded into the game.
  • Holy Golem's spawn level is now based on the world day, not regional day.
  • Reduced chest open costs by 25%
  • Added god experience gains when a villager dies of old age.
  • Added god experience gains when you open a loot box.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed efficient housing perk.
  • Fixed nomad amount perk.
  • Fixed plural name for drones.


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Aug 30, 2018

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