InDev 33 - The Corrupted Trashy Saves Update - Released!

Introducing InDev 33, a landmark patch on the road to release later this year! This patch introduces sweeping balance changes to corruption, an entire new trash system, tons of UI improvements and one of the most important additions to prepare for release; a new robust save system that from here on out, will no longer invalidate save data!

While this patch has a ton of new content and balance changes, the real highlight here is the new save system. From here on forward to the best of my abilities, saves should no longer break between patches. So you can press on, enjoying the game with no fear of the next patch around the corner wiping your progress.

Because the changes in this patch are so extensive, I urge everyone to read the change log in its entirety. Many of the changes, like the corruption and trash system, will fundamentally change how you play the game.

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InDev 33 Change Log

New Save System

  • The entire save system has been converted to a more backwards compatible format, that should help saves stay valid for much longer than before. 
  • The save is much better multi-threaded out, dropping save time on the main thread down to less than 30ms even in end game saves for most machines.
  • Many random save corruption bugs have been eliminated, due to newer more robust save validity checks.

Corruption and Spawning Rewrite

  • Corruption and spawning power is now based on the current day and how much space in the region the corruption desires and cannot have because you've blocked it, rather than the old system where spawn rates were determined by the overall size of the corruption. This means that if you allow the corruption to cover half the map, the spawn rates will be lower than if you box them in a corner.
  • Corruption's desired amount of land is based on the current day and total amount of buildings the corruption has built.
  • Corruption resistance stats no longer exist, rather, the corruption now always avoids being near your village no matter the resistance level. It will just never enter your village, and it will very quickly recede if you try to expand into it.
  • Reduced rate corruption tiles eat away at resources.
  • Completely removed all global/world corruption mechanics from the game.
  • A new corruption threat bar has been added above the influence bar. This bar determines the additionalspawn rate increase from the baseline for the current day. The bar will increase as the corruption becomes "boxed in" and desires more land than you will allow it to have. The higher the bar, the harder the game will be.
  • Corruption tiles that get pushed back may spawn monsters, regardless of time of day.
  • The entire spawn rate curve has been smoothed out, and there should no longer be any significant "surprise difficulty increases", unless you purposely try to box in the corruption and make the corruption threat level skyrocket.

Trash System

  • When a resource is destroyed, created or manufactured, there will be a small chance trash will be left behind. This can happen in many ways, including harvesting, building, refining, dismantling, etc.
  • There are many types of trash, like "Woody Trash" and "Rocky Trash". These various trash types have some value, and can be processed at the new processor for a chance to gain some free materials.
  • New Worker: "Trasher", their job will be to clean up the trash found on the ground and take it to landfills, burners and processors.
  • Trash can only be stored in small, cheap to build trash bins, a landfill, in the processor, or a burner.
  • New Monster: "Trashy Slimes". Trash on the ground can spawn these slimes if you don't keep up with it.
  • New Building: Trash Bin. A small building that stores a small amount of trash, but when stored it can no longer spawn trashy slimes. All workers will be allowed to take trash to this building.
  • New Building: Landfill. A large building for storing larger amounts of trash. But only trashers can bring trash to this building.
  • New Building: Processor. Can store a small amount of trash, and when the trashers are not busying cleaning up trash, they can process certain trash types at this building, destroying it entirely, or sometimes getting free resources or "trashy trash" (worthless trash) back.
  • New Building: Burner. Similar to a processor, but it will automatically (and very, very slowly) destroy trash and once fully charged, generate essence. It can not store very much trash and will never return free materials.
  • Cube-E Golems have been added to the game, and are built at the new Cube-E Golem Combobulator.
  • Cube-E Golems are completely automated, and will process Trashy Trash anywhere in the village into more compact Trashy Cubes, that can be used in some limited construction options (listed below), or burned in a burner.
  • New Building: Cube-E Golem Combobulator. Just like other combobulators, stores up energy and spawns a golem, but consumes iron rather than wood, rock or crystal.
  • New Wall: Trashy Cube Wall. Similar to stone walls, except made of trashy cubes processed by the Cube-E Golems. These walls are only built by Cube-E Golems, and not by your regular builders.
  • New Building: Trashy Cube Pile. This new building serve no functional purpose, but cost an excessive amount of Trashy Cubes to build. This building can be constructed to purposely consume large amounts of Trashy Cubes. Like Trashy Cube Walls, they can only be built by Cube-E Golems.
  • Rebalanced decay rates of all resources. Resources like rocks now last longer, where as resources like raw food last shorter.
  • When a resource decays, it now becomes trash rather than gets removed from the game.
  • New trash processing goal added.

New Road UI

  • The entire old road UI has been removed, and a new one has been put in place under the new "Roads" tab on the right hand GUI.
  • You can now select what road you'd like to upgrade a tile to rather than only being able to select the next possible road for that tile.
  • You can now hold the accent key (X by default) to select all roads of the same type that are connected together, and upgrade them all at once in one click.

Revamped Resource Bar and New Resource List Panel

  • The resource bar has been completely redesigned, and can now be customized.
  • A new resource list panel has been added, inside the panel you can see the resource counts of every resource in the village, this is also where you customize the resources listed on the new resource bar.
  • In both the new resource list panel and new resource bar, you can now see the total remaining storage space for that resource.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Default key for unassigning changed to "Q"
  • Updated corruption tip.
  • Reduced the overall autosave rate.
  • All combobulators now require crylithium.
  • All golem combobulators now require small amounts of energy to operate the already spawned golems.
  • Golems that spawn from combobulators will slowly start to die if the combobulator runs out of energy for too long and cannot operate them.
  • When a corrupted building is completely ignored by drones, or the drones cannot reach it and it has 0 maximum health, it will eventually delete itself.
  • Renamed Official Maps to Legacy Maps
  • Added new "Workshop Maps" pack for future workshop support.
  • Removed the "WIP" pack.
  • You can no longer select default map sizes as the settings were mostly pointless.
  • Survival, Peaceful, and Sandbox mode now all have a season length of 7 days, instead of 5.
  • Nightmare now has a season length of 7 days in the Spring and Autumn, and 10 in Summer and Winter.
  • Traditional now has a season length of 8 days in the Spring and Autumn, and 6 in Summer and Winter.
  • Survival, Peaceful, and Sandbox mode full moon cycles are now every 9 days, instead of 7.
  • Nightmare mode full moon cycles are now every 12 days, instead of 8.
  • Ancillary building cap increase provided increased by 2.
  • Castle building cap increase provided increased by 4.
  • New interaction tile flag system is implemented, allowing multiple interaction points on a single building, making work look more natural.
  • Clearing terrain can now generate a limited amount of free resources, but also generates excess trash.
  • The world tooltips now have descriptions where applicable, like when hovering over a building, or a harvestable resource.
  • All resources now have tooltip descriptions.
  • Crystillers can now use hammers and pick axes.
  • Added the final list of patreon names to the name pool.
  • Combobulators can now store a very small amount of the resource they use to spawn.
  • Improved the builder's clearing AI so they will prioritize clearing terrain blocking construction.
  • Removed the day length multiplier from the custom mode settings.
  • Increased the amount of nomads that can spawn, when they do.
  • Golems can no longer enter the corruption for any reason.
  • Non-combat golems now provide god XP and goal progressions when completing tasks.
  • Labor golems now live a little longer.
  • Optimized the object module's work efficiency update speeds.
  • Localization mods no longer load strings with old revision numbers.
  • When loading a localization mod, a missing strings text file is generated in the mod's folder, listing out all missing or modified strings the modder needs to check out to get their mod back to 100% after a patch.
  • Added trash tip.
  • Removed "Smooth Particles" setting as it is no longer used in the new particle system.
  • Removed the map size art from the GUI
  • Corrected a few object's description lengths.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause villagers to try to wander outside the village to pickup a resources.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the harvesting goal description.
  • Fixed the dirty water description and headers being flipped on some of the object panels.
  • Crystal Harvesty building count in the right hand GUI now counts properly.
  • Experimental fix for the color binding crash related to setting colors of newly generated particles implemented.
  • Fixed some incorrect or missing shadows on the lumber mill and gates.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause migrants to not arrive in a day if couriers happened to arrive first.
  • Fixed mining facility construction phase shadows.
  • Fixed a crash if you tried to start a new game with debug mode running.
  • Added missing particles for wall construction outlines.
  • Fixed a typo on the "Generate Mob Sheet" dev tool button.
  • Fixed the bonus nomads rate from being off by 1 making the first perk ineffective.
  • Season switch date has been offset by one, where the next season would have started on the 5th day in the previous patch, it now starts on the 6th. (Note that season length has also changed, so pre-bug fix the it would have started on the 7th day, but now properly starts on the 8th)
  • Fixed an extremely rare save corruption bug caused by workers completing refining/manufacturing resource work at a building at the exact moment it is destroyed.
  • Harvesting raw food from a farm now counts to the harvesting goals on the world map.
  • Fixed problem panel attacking building count from counting the wrong data.
  • Farm's farming speed reduction bonus is now properly applied to farmers.
  • Crystal Golem Combobulators are now considered a way point for golems.
  • Fixed some particle over-generation issues when you increase game speed.
  • Fixed a bug where you can't sell resources to a provisioner unless you happen to have at least one of that resource in storage somewhere in the village.
  • Implemented a possible fix for way makers running off and leaving the village to repair a road right as the game loads.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the world map load slower with very large maps, and rarely cause GC Overlimit crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause courier golems to crash the game if they have no way to leave the map.
  • Fixed a lag/memory issue at dawn when monsters tried to go home, if too many monsters existed on the map.


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