Build InDev 32 Unstable 1 Released

Wohoo! After 2 solid months of drawing new artwork, InDev 32 Unstable 1 has arrived! This patch is almost entirely a polishing patch, but also has a ton of minor fixes and tweaks.

Part of this patch was re-designing the entire shadow engine, making shadows a bit more realistic, but some of the shadow data (particularly on buildings) has not been fully converted to the new system. So, if you see any visual errors on buildings, don't worry about it! They'll be gone in Unstable 2.

I hope you enjoy the improvements! Check out the change logs for all the details! The change log may be a bit short, but the changes are quite extensive to the underlining code. :)

Bonus; Unlike most new unstable builds, your InDev 31e saves work with this patch!

InDev 32 Unstable 1 Change Log

Visual Improvements

  • All terrain, roads and walls have been given over 150% more transition tiles, giving the terrain much more complexity and depth. This fixes all kinds of visual ugliness, like double-width roads "grid patterns", or 1x? trails of terrain "dotting" along the map.
  • Shadow generation has been greatly improved, allowing for much more visually complex shadows in the game. (Note: Many buildings are still not using the new system. They will next patch.)
  • All mobs now cast more realistic shadows.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • You can now place buildings on top of most topography, and workers will clear it before starting construction.
  • Building construction phases now no longer change until construction has actually began.
  • The map and shadow rendering speed has been greatly improved.
  • The game now uses less overall VRAM.
  • Maximum game speed controls can now be changed by editing "maximumGameSpeed" in the file. (Use at your own risk!)

Balance Changes

  • Migrants now award god XP doing actions.
  • Slowed down Fire Elementals movement speed, but increased their hit points.
  • Night time in the Winter has been made slightly shorter, to help nerf the large bump in monsters on the 15th and 16th day.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the announcement page URL so announcements will correctly load on the main menu again.
  • Fixed a bug where departing migrants were not granting god experience or ticking up the "send villagers" goal.
  • The dedicated data thread very rarely crashing on exit has been fixed.
  • Implemented an experimental save validation check to avoid save corruption issues on some machines.
  • You can now press the "Abandon Region" button when debug view is on and you lose a region.


UNSTABLE: InDev 32 Unstable 1 (12-5-2018) 650 MB
Dec 05, 2018

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