InDev 30b - The Optimizing and Balance Update - Released!

Greetings everyone! InDev 31b has just been released, and it includes a bunch of small balance adjustments and bug fixes, most of it based on your feedback! Check out the change log for all the details. :)

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InDev 31b Change Log

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Uncompressed all resource data, decreasing load times and fixing some issues with certain malware and virus scanners.
  • Re-positioned some tool tips to prevent them from overlapping relevant data.
  • You can now manually disable mouse map zooming in the file.
  • Increased how many migrations per day the migration way stations provide by 2.
  • Increased the bonus levels of all golems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes very rarely migrants and courier golems could get trapped behind the corruption.
  • Fixed a bug where some sound effects wouldn't completely mute when the sound was muted in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a minor typo on the selected mob panel.
  • Changed the way interaction point coordinates are given, to prevent situations where the mob can reach the building, but not the interaction point causing AI slowdowns/freezes.
  • Fixed a bug with road delivery that can cause an endless loop in the AI if the road worker can not reach the road tile he was assigned to.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would sometimes cause goals to not progress.
  • Fixed an issue where en route migrants were sometimes not being displayed in the world map on some maps.
  • Fixed the XP gain amount for courier delivery goals.
  • Resurrection goal now awards god XP properly.
  • Fixed bugged crystal harvestry on Whestcastle map.
  • Fixed an issue where some sound effects would partially ignore the sound settings.
  • The camp now shows up on the world map again.
  • Fixed an issue where placing the camp incorrectly would "Start" a region even if nothing was actually started.


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