Build InDev 30 Unstable 1 Released

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InDev 30 Unstable 1 has been released, the first official release with multi-carry support! It doesn't look like it from the change logs, but this patch has massive amounts of underlining code changes, so be sure to give it a good run down.

This is a sweeping large balance changing patch, so also be sure to provide some feedback on the new mechanics! The monster spawning may be a bit out of whack until the new spawn system is in the next unstable, but I really need feedback on the production rate/flow of the village. :)

As per usual, checkout the change log for details!

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. :)

InDev 30 Unstable 1 Change Log


  • All villagers can now hold between 3 and 8 resources at a time based on their strength. They will gain 1 additional resource per 100 strength, and always be able to carry a minimum of at least 3. This applies to labor golems as well.
  • Harvesting AI has been modified to sometimes drop a resource on the ground. The chance they'll take resources home increases the more resources are in the area.

Sweeping Balance Changes

  • Increased the stats of all friendly mobs and villagers by about 80%
  • Reduced the amount of nomads that spawn, as well as their chance to spawn.
  • Starting villagers in a new region on the world map have been reduced to 12.
  • Starting resources in a new region on the world map have increased to 32.
  • Starting villagers in skirmish mode reduced to 10-14.
  • The amount of starting villagers in Limbo have been reduced to 19-29 in survival and nightmare.
  • The monster spawn rates in survival, nightmare and traditional have been reduced.
  • Doggo spawn rates have been halved.
  • Farms now grow food 4 times slower.
  • Wild food now grows and spreads 2 times slower.
  • All food items now provide more overall food.
  • Almost all job slots provided by all work buildings has been cut in half.
  • Occupancy maximum for housing has been cut in half.
  • You now gain twice as much maximum influence per villager.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added all new Patreons' rewards to the game.
  • Changed how essence is generated from objects, making the output more varied in appearance.
  • When the game needs to find an open space to force drop a resource, the location is a bit more randomized now.

Interface Changes

  • A new statistics panel has been added to the game, showing tons of daily statistics about your village.
  • All GUI code has been completely gutted and reorganized, most of the changes will be transparent to the player. But pretty much everything under the hood was redone.
  • Updated the mouse lock icon.
  • When selecting a terrain while making a new map, you no longer unselect the map size.
  • Fixed mining facility upgrade descriptions.
  • Spells on the spell bar will no longer stay highlighted even if no spell is selected.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the catjeet laboror's tasking AI.
  • Right clicking to add/remove workers now adds and removes plus or minus 5, rather than 10.
  • Lowered the "low villager count" warning in the problem panel from 10 to 5 villagers.
  • Changed the description of the crystillery so it fits in the description box.

Optimizing and Big Fixes

  • Removed even more erroneous names from the name list.
  • Wrote in a system to remove erroneous names during runtime, preventing them from causing problems.
  • Catjeet nomad children are now in the correct mob group.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow workers to "overfill" the farm while it is being upgraded.


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