InDev 30b - The Optimizing and Balance Update - Released!

This is one of the largest optimizing patches ever released for Rise to Ruins, featuring massive performance gains mid-late game. If you're one of the lower speced or extreme late-game users, you're going to love this update!

This patch also introduces a large number of balance tweaks based on your feedback of InDev 30. So be sure to look over the change log. :)

Let me know down in the comments how your performance is, as well as suggest additional balance changes!

InDev 30c *HOT FIX* Change Log

Big Fixes

  • Large fire pits no longer give corruption resistance.
  • Fixed lightning targeting issues causing them to "miss" lightning rods occasionally.
  • Implemented possible fix for medics posted lists returning invalid mobs that are no longer actually posted to clinics, causing crashes.
  • Ghosts now properly do not appear the moment a mob who can spawn a ghost is killed.
  • Guard flee mechanics adjusted, so they will stop running away as often.

Corruption System

  • Reduced permanent corruption amounts per day in nightmare mode.
  • Slightly increased corruption spread rates in nightmare mode.
  • Reduced permanent corruption amounts per day in traditional mode.

InDev 30b Change Log

Corruption System

  • Corruption can now push its way into low corruption resistance areas when it has been bottled up for a long time.
  • You can now see the raw value of the corruption resistance tiles when using debug view.
  • Monsters now have a 1 in 4 chance to not spawn at a building in the corruption, but rather a random coordinate inside the corruption.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Lowered the search radius for picking up extra resources slightly.
  • Gave guards a 50% buff to defense, and a 25% buff to damage.
  • Amount a mob is lit on fire reduced 25%.
  • Adjusted the aggressiveness of most mobs.
  • Increased Laborer hire price by 50%
  • Catjeet laborers spawn 3 times less often.
  • Halved the blood slime spawn rate during a blood moon.
  • Small blood slime can now spawn during a blood moon.
  • Villagers now panic 30% more often during a blood moon.
  • Only a maximum of 2 disasters can occur in the same day.
  • Make/Maintain settings now work correctly for dirty water buckets.

Optimizing and Big Fixes

  • Optimized the ranged combat AI a bit.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor typos throughout the game.
  • Added some particle culling code to the particle system to keep particle counts from getting out of hand.
  • Reduced the duration of blood particles.
  • Optimized how resource values of buildings are stored, removing the actual resources from the game, optimizing various aspects of the code game wide.
  • Completely rewrote how a majority of mob AI flags are stored in game, reducing save time and memory usage while reducing CPU usage when initially spawning.
  • Fixed a bug in the projectile trajectory code that could cause an endless loop in some very rare scenarios.
  • You can no longer select maximum upgraded roads to upgrade.
  • Optimized the collision line of sight code in the collision module.
  • Optimized some of the essence collection and distribution code.
  • Fixed multi-threaded path finding, was not running correctly in the previous patch.
  • Added a third dedicated core for lighting and range updates.
  • Slightly optimized the lookup code for refining and harvesting data on objects.
  • Optimized a lot of the object lookup code.
  • Optimized object priority list sorting/grouping code.
  • Did some experimental changes to the game loop timing to smooth frame rates in high-load scenarios. (Note, this can cause some rubber banding effects moving around the map if your system is extremely bogged down)
  • Fixed a very rare crash bug when a villager tries to pickup more resources while the destination building becomes no longer available.
  • Villagers will no longer remove banned resources from a building under construction, if the building requires those resources.


RECOMMENDED: Rise to Ruins InDev 30c (5-5-2018) 605 MB
May 06, 2018

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