InDev 30d - The World Map and Player Requests Update - Released!

InDev 30d is finally here, featuring a ton of miscellaneous changes, two new buildings, and a cleanup to the world map interface to prep for some big changes in InDev 31.

A large majority of these changes were as a result of your suggestions on Twitter, these announcements and the forums. I hope you guys enjoy it all!

Some of the content in this patch was actually slated for InDev 31, but you're getting it a bit early (because why not, right?). Let me know down in the comments what you think!

InDev 30d Change Log

World Map Interface Changes

  • Active villages now have little buildings placed around the area of the region on the world map, the amount depends on the size of the village.
  • All of the region "dots" have been removed.
  • Region squares show up around the mouse as you move around the world map.
  • Clicking on a region will focus the map selection panel to it.
  • The entire map selection panel has been reworked and streamlined.
  • Now, when a region is lost, you can no longer visit it.
  • Arrows now bounce above active regions, so you can quickly find where you were playing.
  • Made minor adjustments to the region positions on the world map.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added all new Patreon's names to the village name pool and credits.
  • A new building has been added, the Maintenance Building. It provides Maintainers who can repair buildings, roads, dismantle things as well as clear terrain and dig holes.
  • The "Key Shack" building has been added, a dedicated storage space for suspicious keys.
  • All other buildings that could previously hold suspicious keys, can't anymore. Only the Key Shack can store Suspicious keys now.
  • Builders can now switch to the build AI as soon as they drop off a resource, streamlining building and cutting down on weird task assignment issues that would sometimes occur when a building is nearly completed.
  • Axis lock buffer setting added to, you can now adjust how many pixels the mouse must travel before axis lock (left shift) activates.
  • You can no longer cast spells on the edge of the map and into the void.
  • Water fountains now store 4 times as much water, catch water slightly faster, but have had their range generation reduced.
  • Loot boxes now have a subtle lean towards moving in the direction of the village when poked.

Optimizing and Big Fixes

  • Fixed some AI crashes related to posted medics and guards when their host building is removed or destroyed.
  • Possible fix for the "ghost building" bug, that would leave the tiles for a building that was recently destroyed, has been implemented.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a building that just started upgrading to be invulnerable.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an endless loop if a provisioner could not leave the village.
  • Fixed the interaction point on the way maker shack being off by 1 during it's first upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make way makers try to repair roads that don't exist.


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